Over-field in List-queue

Que     QUEUE
Name      STRING(40)
Key       STRING(10),OVER(Name)
Desc      STRING(100)
Price     DECIMAL(11,2)

?List{PROP:Use} = Que

  1. List not «sees» OVER-field QUE.Key
  2. List considers, that the field Desc has number 2, and field Price has number 3.
  3. ?List{PROPLIST:FieldNo,2} return 2.    ! column for Desc field Who(Que,2) return «Key».
  4. Sort(Que,+Que:Desc); Sort(Que,-Que:Desc)
  5. We delete all records from the list. Sometimes we obtain GPF.
  6. End program or procedure — Always we obtain GPF.