CSV файлы (Comma Seperated Value)

*.CSV (Comma Seperated Value) format is mostly self-explanatory ASCII text format. If you export a file from a database in CSV format and look at it you will find that it is simply a list of entries seperated by commas:

<CSV_file> ::= { <CSV_line> }
<CSV_line> ::= <value> { "," <value> } <spaces_and_tabs>
<value> ::= <spaces_and_tabs>
          { <any_text_except_quotas_and_commas_and_smth_else>
        | <single_or_double_quote>

That’s all I think… and there is some problem with this format: different database systems have different definitions of the term <any_text_except_quotas_and_commas_and_smth_else> Also Paradox version approx.4 has the bug. When converting to .CSV, it always writes values surrounded by «s — but if in the source database file we have a field containing «s, them will not be doubled in CSV.
E.g.: abc»dfg will be translated to «abc»dfg» instead of «abc»»dfg».